Our Process

1. Discovery Call

After reviewing your inquiry, we will set up a complimentary 15 minute call so we can learn more about your project, let you know how we work and get to know each other a bit. If the project seems like a good fit, we will schedule a consultation.

2. Consultation

During our 90 minute consultation, we'll walk through your spaces, learn more about how you live, and address timeline and budget for your project. We'll also get to know your personal style and how you want your spaces to feel so that we can begin to tailor a design plan just for you.


Following the Consultation, we will create a proposal of our services for your approval. Using data and expertise from past projects, we will provide you with an estimate of hours to design, manage and execute the project from concept to completion. The proposal will also review fee structure and policies. Our objective is to create a positive working relationship built upon a foundation of trust and communication from the start.

4. Kick-Off Meeting

Once our Design Agreement is in place, we will set up a time to come back to your home to take more detailed measurements, look at some inspiration images, and begin to browse material samples together. We will also review our contract and discuss how to work best together throughout the process. This is also a great time to schedule any trades people needed, so that we can talk through all of the details with them, and request timing and pricing estimates.

5. Design Presentation

This is where the magic begins! Our team will take all of the information we've gathered during our initial meetings, and create a design concept for your spaces that combines the tools you need to support your way of living with your unique style. We'll bring these ideas to life through both digital and 3-D mood boards, color palettes, swatches, and floor plans. We will walk you through the furnishings, fixtures, artwork and materials we have sourced for your project before reviewing pricing, trade estimates and proposed timelines for project completion

6. Procurement

This phase is all about putting your custom design into motion! Once the design is approved, we 'll start procuring each design element and managing orders from start to finish, providing you with a concierge experience. This phase can take some time, but rest assured, we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure every detail is in place to bring our vision to life.

7. Project Management

Throughout procurement and trade work, our team will continue to manage the project in a thorough and proactive manner. Every detail is thoroughly considered and addressed to cohere with the overall design plan. This includes ensuring that all furniture arrives in perfect quality, trade work is specified and completed to the highest possible standard and deliveries are conducted without incident, all while keeping the project on schedule and budget

8. Installation & Project Reveal

The moment we've all been waiting for - when all of the design elements are put into place for the big reveal! Typically we will schedule a handyman to be there for the installation to ensure furniture placement, window treatment, and art hanging are done by a professional. Our team will style your spaces to reflect your family's lifestyle, and bestow you with a home you can immediately start enjoying.

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