Spring ’24 One Room Challenge | Outdoor Oasis Week Seven | Creating a Container Garden


It’s WEEK SEVEN of the Spring 2024 One Room Challenge, and I am going to make this post a short and sweet update on where I’m at the last week before the final reveal on May 22!!

Last week I filled you in on my new market umbrellas, and I’m still super happy with the ones I chose! This week, I’ve been focusing on buying some pretty pots and plants to give the deck that lush, verdant vibe I’m going for.


Creating a Container Garden


As a reminder, the fantastic design of Annabel’s London garden restaurant is the main inspiration for the design of my deck and patio. Let’s take another look at this gorgeous place:


Hydrangeas, irises, and palm trees, among many other potted plants, flowers, and fruit trees, help create the garden oasis designed for the terrace at members-only club Annabel’s in London.


But as another reminder, this is where I started with my own project seven weeks ago:


Not exactly a “lush tropical oasis” to start with!


Besides the plants and bushes surrounding the deck in the yard, and a few cheap, plastic pots filled with dead flowers and weeds from last summer, I’ve had no other greenery on the deck until now. I figured it best to start with finding the right containers that work in style, color, size, (and price – outdoor pots can be super pricey!), before deciding what to fill them with. I was thrilled when I spotted these at Homegoods:


Cynthia Rowley Indoor/Outdoor planters from HomeGoods



I love them! The combination of faux wicker with the black inserts looks chic yet casual, and the prices were great of course – $49.99 for the large planter and $16.99 for the small one- so I snapped up two of each! On Mother’s Day, I asked to go to Home Depot to find some plants for them, and decided on two Majesty Palms for the large pots, and some colorful Mandevilla (also known as Rocktrumpet) plants for the small pots. Although I haven’t actually planted them into the pots yet, they’re already starting to create that verdant vibe I want:



The other bright green plants – Creeping Jenny, Sweet Caroline, and Stonecrop will all be used to help fil out the base of the palms once I’ve planted them in the containers.




But once I had the plants placed where I want them, with the plants placed inside, they really only helped fill out the octagonal seating area, and I still needed a few more planters to fill out the rest of the deck. I knew the HomeGoods where I had found the first two sets were unlikely to have received more stock over the weekend, so on Monday I stopped by another HomeGoods close to me, and found these!


More Cynthia Rowley Indoor/Outdoor Planters from HomeGoods!


They’re not exactly the same, but very similar, and I like them just as much, if not more than the first two sets – WIN!! I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to plant in them or where they’ll ultimately land on the deck area, but that’s my project for this weekend. I also found these gorgeous hydrangeas at Costco that are a little small for the big pots, and a little big for the small pots, so not sure where they’ll go, but I’ll definitely find a spot for them.



So that’s it for Week Seven, folks, and I do want to let you know that unfortunately, my big reveal next week will be a bit delayed. My upholsterer had to go out of town, and won’t be back to finish my patio furniture cushions until Tuesday, so by the time I photograph everything and get it uploaded, I’ll be lucky to even submit it in time for Week Eight. Nevertheless, I WILL finish – I MUST finish for my daughter’s graduation party – and will certainly be sure to post the photos as soon as possible!

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