Spring ’24 One Room Challenge | Outdoor Oasis Week Six | Market Umbrellas


It’s WEEK SIX of the Spring 2024 One Room Challenge, and I am still feeling a little behind – will I get it all finished before the final reveal on May 22?!?!

But I am making a little bit of progress every week: my outdoor furniture cushions are with my upholsterer (see the post here about choosing the fabrics), I have all of the outdoor lighting (you can read that post here), and am waiting for my electrician to stop by and install it, and this week, all of my new Market Umbrellas were delivered!


Choosing New Market Umbrellas


As I’ve mentioned, when we purchased our house in the summer of 2022, we bought all of the outdoor furniture with it, since we had sold all of our outdoor furniture to the family that purchased our old house. The outdoor furniture we bought with this house, is the Hanamint Grand Tuscany collection. It’s great quality, and the previous owners had bought a large, oval dining table, a bar-height, round table, a round coffee table, and a round side table, all with umbrella holes. The umbrellas that were here included one red, one dark brown, and one tan. There’s also a huge, cantilevered, tan umbrella, that we’ve never used. My plan is to donate all of those umbrellas, (with the exception of the large, cantilevered umbrella), and purchase three new umbrellas which all match. Finding three matching umbrellas shouldn’t be that difficult, but of course, I didn’t want just any umbrellas, I wanted something special. One of my favorite vendors that I purchase from often for client projects is Safavieh. They’re probably best known for their rugs, but they also sell furniture, decorative accessories, lighting, mirrors, and they have a great selection of well-priced umbrellas. They have a ton of colors and styles to choose from, but I fell in love with these immediately:


Safavieh Venice 9ft Round DoubleTop Crank Umbrella


How CUTE is that?!?! I love the scallops (so on trend right now, but also a favorite decorative element of mine for years), and the “double top” makes it extra special. But sadly, I’m not the only one in love with them, as they are completely sold out, and won’t be back in stock until mid-June :/  Luckily, after a bit of digging, and measuring to be sure I could go with a smaller umbrella, I found these which were in stock:


Safavieh Venice 7.5 Ft Square Crank Umbrella


No cute double top, a little smaller (but still big enough to provide ample shade where we need it), and square instead of round, but a great alternative! I ordered two of the 7.5′ square umbrellas, and one 11′ x 6.5′ rectangular umbrella in the same color and style.


Where the New Umbrellas will go


After I rearranged the outdoor seating and decided to move the sectional and two of the swivel chairs up to the hexagonal, elevated section of the deck, I moved the chaise lounge and the third swivel chair and ottoman to the space in front of the kitchen window, where the sectional had been. Although there’s a smaller, round, umbrella table sitting between the chaise lounge and the swivel chair, I don’t want an umbrella in that table, as it would be blocking the view from the kitchen window, and we have the large, cantilevered umbrella in that corner that can shade those chairs –



The chaise lounge, swivel chair, ottoman and smaller umbrella table now in front of the kitchen window – just imagine it without that umbrella in the table – and with the cantilevered umbrella open


But where the sectional now sits with the other two swivel chairs on the elevated area, I knew I wanted a large umbrella for that seating area, anchored by the round coffee table. Here’s a mock-up of how that will look with the new umbrella:


Mock-up of the sectional seating area with the new, square, market umbrella – of course once all the new cushions and new rug are in place – this little area will look much more fun!


So with one of the square umbrellas in that space, the other square one will go over the high-top, round dining table, with the five barstools. I couldn’t wait to try it out, so here’s a sneak peak:


New 7.5′ Square Venice Umbrella over the high-top dining table


I also put up the new rectangular umbrella over the oval dining table in the grill area:


New rectangular 11’x6.5′ Venice Umbrella over the oval dining table


I’m really pleased with them! I think the white with a little bit of black detail looks great with the wrought iron furniture, and will also play nicely with the riot of colorful pillows and cushions I’ll be using, and I love, love, LOVE those scallops – tres Parisienne Café if you ask me!


Café du Flore in Paris via Vogue


So that’s all for this week, but my plan for Mother’s Day is to go flower and plant shopping – so stay tuned for some fun updates next week!! And don’t forget to check out all of the other ORC participants’ progress this week.




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